Welcome! Here you’ll find a treasure trove of works by Book Nook authors, including poetry and fiction. A new one joins the collection each month (unless a post is featured instead).

Each has its own personality and voice, just like its author. If you’d like to see more of someone’s work, please leave some encouragement for them in the comments!

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Silver eyes gazed unblinkingly at a piece of parchment, intently focused. Scritch. Scritch. Scritch. The writing utensil danced across the paper in precise, delicate movements. The eyes flicked up and down, carefully following the minute motions, as the feathery owner perched stone-still on the cold window ledge. “Just a few more moments, Avis,” murmured the… Continue reading CLANDESTINE FLIGHT


We find ourselves once more at a place we cannot understand, and yet a place we all find a nameless peace in. An empty road lit by a row of dimly glowing lampposts, a gust of wind through the treetops on a cloudy evening, sparks drifting from the fire to dance among the stars. Here… Continue reading LIGHTHOUSE IN THE SNOW


Cinnamon. Turmeric. Nutmeg. Weathered hands skimmed through the air beside the meticulously labeled jars, searching, before finally coming to a stop. A dark finger came to rest against one canister, gently pressing against the cool glass barrier. On the other side sat a miniature hill of rich scarlet powder. The label on the jar read… Continue reading THE APOTHECARY EXCHANGE


Her needle glided through the fabric, creating pristine stitches over the buttonholes, as the banging on her door grew louder. The only sign of any apprehension she displayed was the quickening of her stitches, her thread pulling tightly into place. Her glasses lay at the end of her nose as she serenely posed, almost, as… Continue reading BUTTONS


Ellie peered through the shop window. Her front feet pressed softly against the glass as she reached her trunk upwards, her big ears flopping back. Round eyes took in the marvelous prize sitting in all its glory, right in the center of the display.  A pink, three-tiered cake. Three! Ellie couldn’t believe it. The cake… Continue reading DELICIA BAKERY


Her knees bumped against each other in rhythm with the carriage. Bump. Bump. Bump. Her body jostled, but her gaze stayed fixed on the object in her lap. Her slender white fingers wrapped tightly around it, contrasting starkly with the dark metal. It was engraved, the vines on it winding around and around until it… Continue reading RUBY RETURN


The girl peered at her surroundings through dusty brown eyelashes. With dark hair, tan skin, and brown eyes, she matched the earth from head to toe. That was about as far as any compatibility went, though. She had clashed with everything and everyone else for as long as she could remember. The townspeople, lively and… Continue reading THE DESERTED ONE


It began in a small, quiet home out in the country. Picture it in your head: No more than ten miles from town, in one of the more peaceful and undisturbed parts of the wood, lies a somewhat minuscule house, intended for no more than one person. Can you see it in your mind? Good.… Continue reading A MATTER OF TIME


Searing hot to the naked eye, yet ice cold to the touch. Pulsing yet steady, flickering yet strong. Silent to the ungifted ear, yet teeming with unspoken story to the pure listener. These are the Soul Lanterns…


I waited for Miles to give me the green light, my finger tapping a staccato against my thigh. Everything depended on this operation…


Once Upon A Time,
There was a shepherd in a field with his sheep. It was night, and stars of a thousand different colors shone above him. In the light of his lantern, he was in the process of digging a hole…


My hands trembled incessantly as I stood hidden in the shadows. Pressing them against my thighs in an effort to stop the shaking, I dared to lean out the window and look around me. Outside lay hysteria, the cobblestone streets teeming with the lunacy of it all…


The looming figures crossed my path constantly. I squeezed Lila tightly and clung to my scarf as I ran.  The main tent took up the most beautiful spot at the fair. Even at night, it glittered with red and white hues. Huge torches dotted the path all the way up to the door. “Mama! Mama!”… Continue reading THE CIRCUS


Have we met before? I feel as if I’ve seen you.
Maybe it was across a crowded room, or a busy street that we could have been destined to meet…


“Emma Rose, you were born to write.” My mother had said those words to me over and over for as long as I could remember. I loved to write almost as much as I loved to read. Words were my air. I breathed them, I savored them, I lived them. To be honest, I was… Continue reading THE MIRACLE


We stayed up all night. Watching. Waiting. Hoping against hope that they would come. Because if they didn’t, the world as we knew it would be obliterated.  You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Let me start from the beginning. My name is Rosemary. My friend, Faith, and I are part of the Resistance. But… Continue reading THE RESISTANCE


Hazel peered out of the knothole silently. Every now and then her gaze wandered and lingered on a tree. Most people, if they walked through the woods, would see only a forest. A beautiful forest, yes, but nothing more than a place where plants grew amok. What they didn’t know was that the trees of… Continue reading THE EMERALD WOODS


The End is possibly the most powerful tool in an author’s toolbox. Picture it. Depending on the author, the toolbox may be a sleek briefcase, a trendy bag, or a well-worn trunk. Inside lie the treasures- a tightly sealed box of plot twists, not be revealed until the proper time, a host of character trait cards, carefully sorted into piles and secured together, a large array of settings and eras, and there! A black bottle with all sorts of brightly colored labels that read, “Caution! Danger! Handle with care!” The liquid inside is ambiguous and yields results ranging from the divinely spectacular to the woefully inadequate.

So, Caution! Danger! Handle with care! Because one drop from the bottle is all it takes to seal a story.

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