Get ready. Get set.

Go! Here’s how it works: no matter what prompt you choose, set your timer for ten minutes. Once you start typing/writing, you cannot stop to think (or overthink, as the case often is). Your fingers should not stop moving until the timer dings. It can be uncomfortable at first, but I promise that writing like this will get your creative juices flowing!

There are many different types of prompts, and for a wider selection you can visit the Book Nook’s prompt board on Pinterest here. But for now, here are a few to get you started!

Word Prompts

Answer this question:
Why is your character laughing?

Include the following words:
“Menu,” “laundry,” “Rome,” “hospital,” and “hysteria.”

Begin with this phrase:
We stayed up all night.

Finish with this sentence:
I never thought this day would come, but . . .

Picture Prompts


Combine a word and picture prompt!

2 thoughts on “Prompts”

  1. We stayed up all night. The lamps were on and the sky was white, as we were cast in a golden light.
    Ice cream in tubs and hot chocolate in mugs, our feet clad in soft socks rested on the fluffy grey rug. The snow fell silently like it didn’t want to disturb. Through the door and windows, only our faint laughter could be heard. To us, there was no world outside containing problems or strife. In that little apartment, we had decided to simply love our quiet life. Because of this, my once broken soul has been mended and healed. I never thought this day would come, but I now use love as a shield.

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