My Projects


Adventures in Mito

“Out of the corner of my eye, I see something move. Startled, I turn wildly to see what it is, my foot slips, and I lose my balance. I hear screaming and realize it’s my own, but I can only focus on one thing. I lock eyes with the thing in front of me, shocked. Staring right back at me is a creature so stunningly beautiful that it takes me a moment to realize that this is impossible, that this can’t be happening.”



When sharp, quick-witted teens stumble into the magical world of Mito, everything they thought they knew about those around them is put to the test.

The kingdoms of Mito are failing, one by one, each coming under attack.

The monarchy of Adivia, a lush and verdant territory, is being targeted: two queens in a row have disappeared, and the princess is also at risk upon being crowned the new sovereign.

The security of Nerida is weakening as their strongest warriors disappear, gradually leaving the famed “Nation Under the Sea” defenseless.

The flame of Solana’s Fire Palace is flickering in and out, endangering the kingdom’s population by leaving them with unpredictable fire-gifts.

It’s up to Mito’s unexpected guests to break the mysterious pattern, and time is already running out.


  • Adivia: Second draft in progress, undergoing plot revisions
  • Nerida: First draft in progress
  • Solana: In preliminary planning stage


The Communication

“The screen door slammed shut behind her, and she flinched back. The animal whipped around and, instead of shrinking away, stalked out of the shadows. She gasped as amber eyes met liquid amber.”

Synopsis coming soon

  • Preliminary planning stages

Angie on a Mission


Angie is short for Angel, and that’s precisely what she is — an angel on a mission.

  • Preliminary planning stages

Sneak Peeks

Stories are always coming soon . . .

. . . and when they’re still taking shape you’re most likely to find them in Idea Boards!


Although my full-length works aren’t available on the Book Nook, the idea boards for their characters and settings are. I’m also considering writing short stories starring characters from my full-length works, so if you don’t see any yet, feel free to request one!

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