My name is Gabriela Clarke. I’m a Christian teenager in love with reading and writing – I’m captivated by the power of words to make us laugh, make us cry, and make us think. I believe books can change people.


My hobbies include hand lettering, baking, making lists, singing, and playing guitar.

I grew up with a Dalmatian and have a soft spot for dogs – I’m now a dogsitter.

I’ve been places.

When I was seven, I discovered a portal to a magical world in the back of a musty wardrobe. At nine, I went on a dangerous quest to destroy an evil ring. When I was eleven, I got a magical boarding school invitation. At fourteen, I became an apprentice.

If you’re here, you’ve probably been on some of those adventures too.

The ability of words to unlock new worlds is uncanny. With words, we can observe the past, see versions of the future, and wonder at universes that supposedly never were.

That’s what the Book Nook is all about.

With words, we can create without limits. A swoosh of the pencil has the power to save the hero. A slash of the pen carries the authority to fell the villain. An eraser can turn back time.  A paragraph can provide satisfaction; a period can steal it.

Our words have power! Believe it, and join me on my journey to use that power to build others up in Christ through the written word.

What I Write

This genre will always be nearest and dearest to my heart! My first writing outside school was fantasy — Adventures in Mito, a children’s series I hope to publish.

The bustling world of journalism is rife with deliciously concise sentences and unique angles, and I’ve learned so much just from my small exposure to it. I’m blessed to have been a staff writer and an editor for my university’s newspaper.

My Qualifications

It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. Our qualification comes from God.

2 Corinthians 3:5

The purpose of including my achievements here is to give an idea of my English skill in the place of a degree. I’m currently a college student majoring in English Communication!

Publishing house editorial intern

University newspaper journalist and editor

ACT English perfect scorer (36/36)

ACT Reading perfect scorer (36/36)


All of the photos used on the Book Nook are either public domain or taken/designed by me.

If you’re wondering where to find public domain photos for your own use, I highly recommend Pexels, which is the site I usually use. Once you get the hang of using the right search terms, it’s usually pretty easy to find high quality photos of whatever you’re looking for!

You can also try Unsplash (which is similar to Pexels), or WordPress may offer some public domain photos if you are using it as your site’s CMS.

Good luck!


Advertisements on the Book Nook are not selected by me. I do not receive a commission if you purchase anything through them, and they should be removed in the near future.

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